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Hartland Quay Bouldering Miniguide

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Hartland Quay Bouldering Miniguide

hartland-guideHartland Quay is home to some of the best bouldering on the Culm coast. It was one of the first areas to be developed and has a wide range of excellent problems, the best of which are as good as anything else in the South West and beyond.

Until now, the only documentation of the bouldering here has been in the form of old mag articles. While some of the more publicised problems have become popular. The harder-to-find areas and the most recent additions have been largely overlooked by visiting climbers. This miniguide provides both locals and visitors alike an updated tool for making the most of Hartland.

Download Guide:
Hartland Quay Bouldering Miniguide PDF (3mb)


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